V05 Chapter 46: The Dragon’s Resolve

Noblesse Oblige Translations

TL/N: For those who are worried about the release schedule, just pretend it is a monthly release schedule. I try not to bank any chapters, so release speed vary a lot, but you can roughly expect it to be within a month of one another. ;p

The New Kuschepercan army finally seized the initiative in the Siege of the Tetraspides Fortresses.

The Silhouette Gears wonderfully broke through the impregnable fortresses, and, by dropping the drawbridge, the Kuschepercans now gained a foothold. With newfound vigor, the Kuschepercans took the opportunity to press their advantage. As long as the Tetraspides Fortresses fell to New Kuscheperca, the old capital, Delvincourt, would be within arm’s reach.

Faced with the disadvantage, the Žaloudekians did not wish to just meekly wait for their demise. With Gustav at their lead, the Jade Dragon Knights launched a daring sortie against the Kuschepercan field headquarters. Their target was the…

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